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Cold Weather Essentials to Invest in Now

Winter (in the Bubble) is coming

It’s that time of year again in St Andrews where it goes from being the perfect sunny day for a trip to Janettas, to gusty and freezing temperatures out of complete nowhere. Though we are still in boot and pumpkin spice season (phew!) I’ve definitely been looking ahead in my calendar and have started investing in some transitional cold weather essentials that will carry me through the holidays and new year – and I suggest you do too!

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I think every St Andrean needs a thick coat, and there is no better option in my opinion than a thickly lined duster or wooly cocoon coat. As the temperatures get colder, it will definitely be time to retire those Barbours for something a little more utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be cute. As nice as hip length silhouettes are, I think a longer coat gives you the added warmth and protection from the outside elements you’ll need in order to brave the cold, and convince yourself to get out of bed for that dreaded 9am.

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My next suggestion would be to have a staple turtleneck sweater in your repertoire, something simple and thick but that also has space underneath for layering. Turtlenecks are so classic and chic, and look great when tucked into mom jeans, or paired with chunky gold jewelry. Throw it on with a cute pair of booties and you not only have a put-together look, but you get the added bonus of extra warmth in the cold winter months. The simpler the turtleneck, the more times and ways you can wear it!

If you’re anything like me and hate saying goodbye to the shorter or thinner material pieces of your summer and fall wardrobes, a few more winter-musts are wool socks, a cute scarf, and thick tights. They really help convert your cute summer skirts, dresses, and tops into cold weather appropriate looks when you want seem like you’ve put in a little more effort and can’t bear to part with those pieces for the season.  Even though you’ll still look cute and can show a little more skin, you’ll still be warm and comfortable and won’t have to catch a cold in order to pull off the look!

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