credit: Concrete Catwalk

Concrete Catwalk: A Night at Studio 54

Holly Chapman gives us all the groovy details of Concrete Catwalk’s recent Studio 54 night.

The Adamson, a sophisticated and intimate venue choice didn’t quite emulate Concrete Catwalk’s event’s name sake; Studio 54 but nonetheless set the tone just right for such a classy affair.  If like me, you are neither a fashion connoisseur nor culturally clued up, to be able to acknowledge how well these outfits did to reflect this flamboyant theme, you have to understand (and therefore google) the iconic reputation of Studio 54.  A 70’s night-club famed for its un-refrained debauchery; it’s only requirement was that “Anyone who was allowed in was totally free inside”. Its exclusive nature and drug, sex and rock and roll reputation made it popular with stars of the likes of Andy Warhol, Diana Ross and Cher, which, as you can imagine, led to daring fashion abounding.

credit: Concrete Catwalk

However, as all known and constantly bemoan, St Andrews lacks any nightclub at all, and as such, the models strutted their stuff along the bar of the Adamson – an inventive way of showcasing outfits in such a cosy setting.  The clothing was most definitely in-keeping with the vibe of total creative freedom.  The looks for many of the male models had a chic and androgynous feel with audacious, colourful or even sparkly, suit jackets.  My personal favourite felt very Elton John-esque (an frequent visitor to Studio 54, labelling it “Sodom and Gomorrah with a disco beat”). The outfit consisted of bold bejewelled glasses and a statement black jacket decorated with patches of boats and squiggled doodles (yes, my approach to discussing fashion is somewhat lacking, I know and can only apologise).  Enhancing this lively atmosphere was the DJ set with throwback tunes that had the entire room in uplifted spirits and at times gently boogying.

credit: Concrete Catwalk

Overall the event was well worth the £9 entry fee, as this also included a fun 70’s themed cocktail.  My only criticism would lie in the fact that there was little room for manoeuvre around the bar and waiting for a drink took you longer than it did to finish one, but considering the prices at the Adamson, my bank account probably appreciated that.  As the night drew to a close the mood was still animated and the effort that had gone in to this laid-back, but chic launch made the night a success. 

credit: Concrete Catwalk



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