The Club Sandwich Tour- Stop Two, The Golf Inn

Steph Coulter reviews The Golf Inn’s club sandwich.

The Golf Inn

Overall Rating: 7/10

Date: Monday 18th February 2019

Club companions: Debbie Coulter and Lee Coulter

Price: £11.95

When my mother decided to visit St Andrews, it allowed for the perfect opportunity to fleece her and get the most expensive club sandwich on offer in this town. A quick word on that- £11.95 is scandalous. A club sandwich is literally pub grub and should be priced as such, I suppose the high price comes with the territory. First up, the bread was slightly too long in the toaster, making it overly crumbly and way too crispy, amateur hour. However, the chicken and bacon were amongst the most succulent I’ve tasted and there was very little in the way of falling chicken. I want a club sandwich, not a club salad. I don’t usually mark presentation (I’m a man of simple pleasures) but I feel compelled to comment on this- what in the hell is going on here? Undoubtedly, the chef is attempting some sort of avant-garde presentation but please leave it out, we’re not at the Tate Modern. Simplicity is key in this game. The chips are really crispy and plentiful but at this price I’m wanting slaw, or at the very least a side salad, poor show. It was decently sized, but I was gagging on another slice to take this bad boy to the next level. A quick disclaimer before we continue- This was the only club I didn’t eat on a hangover, and therefore, its ranking might be distorted as a result. Usually, clubs taste miles better when one is rough and in need of nectar, which means that this may have received a better rating should I have visited on the hang. Nonetheless, I can only mark what I eat-this is a solid, if unspectacular effort. Onwards!

Source: Steph Coulter



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