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Albums to listen to this month

Yasmin once again is full of vibrant and varying music recommendations for your Spotify playlists, sure to get you through the last few weeks of the semester

November has certainly brought a good amount of music to add to those homemade Spotify playlists, but in case you have missed some of the new albums of this month or are just wanting to hear something different (it may help cure that revision stress btw), then the list below is for you!


Simplistic with regards to its instrumentation but bursting with raw emotion and sounds, New Ways by Leif Vollebekk is an album to listen to if you are in need of a backdrop for unwinding. The switch between tempos within the album, even if minimal, makes it a more enjoyable and interesting listen. It is personal, it is sad, and the varying lyrical content is sure to mean that there is a song with some personal connection to everyone (get the Ben & Jerry’s at the ready #ad)

New Ways: Leif Vollebekk

Best song on the album: Never Be Back

Recommended for fans of: Ben Howard/Donovan Woods/Van Morrison


Stereophonics 11th study album Kind will please current fans and also attract new ones. Recorded in a mere 11 days; it presents itself as what sounds like, and it is, 4 friends jamming together. For those aware of the song Dakota (if you don’t know what it is, go and listen to it), the tracks within this album are quite different, but not in a negative way. Kelly Jones’ voice may have aged, but it is this aging and a break from song writing that has brought about, and allowed for, the unfiltered effortless sound that is Kind.

Stereophonics 11th study Kind

Best song on the album: Stitches

Recommended for fans of: Doves/The Coral/The Verve


An easy listen for dinner guests or something to unwind to, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This is a celebrity filled album that bestows a mix between instrumentals, vocals and solos. Goldblum does not try to take centre stage, instead he shows an awareness that the beauty of jazz comes from a collective, working together to be one. Practicing music from a young age, Goldblum demonstrates his years of experience have paid off (even if the addition of Miley Cyrus may not have been the best choice, especially as she was singing over some beautiful instrumentals).

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

Best song on the album: Make Someone Happy (with Gregory Porter)

Recommended for fans of: Oscar Peterson Trio/Scott Hamilton/Duke Ellington


Dawn Chorus by French-Canadian producer Jacques Greene is not just an album of “tunes”; but also a more interesting, exploratory creation. Jacques looked to find new sounds by using unfamiliar equipment, which is why there is such a diversity among the tracks. Unlike his past music, the album is more of an after-party vibe than an album filled with club hits. Nevertheless, it is music to get the body moving even if it has an ambient nature (recommended for approximately 4am after Szentec).

Dawn Chorus: Jacques Greene

Best song on the album: Night Service

Recommended for fans of: Groove Armada/Todd Terje/Jamie xx 


A highly anticipated album that Kanye West fans have been waiting years for (while he allowed some relief with Ye), Jesus is King has caused controversy around whether the wait was worth it. A gospel album, that not only celebrates God but also himself, is filled with an array of rhythms and lyrics. Yet, some have seen the songs as less imaginative than his past albums (this is an argument that could go on for days). Yet, it is a beautiful album to listen to and either way, you are likely to hear one of these songs in the near future.

Jesus is King: Kanye West

Best song on the album: On God

Recommended for fans of: Drake/Kendrick Lamar/Frank Ocean



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