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On the Pebbles: Previewed

On the Rocks is On the Way, being launched with the mini-festival – On the Pebbles!

St Andrews is full of the ‘biggest’ and ‘largest’ that, be it ball, festival or outdoor dancing event (that St Andrews Day Ceilidh is coming guys!). Our small town, and our mid-sized university, are home to so many of the pinnacles of certain categories that the real significance can be lost on us.

One event which fully commands the notoriety and grandeur which it has earned is the On the Rocks Festival – the largest student run arts festival in the UK. No, you didn’t lose track of time, OTR is still a semester away. However, this Saturday, 16 November, the festival is officially being launched with an all day mini-festival – On the Pebbles.

On the Pebbles is a day-long and town-wide festival which effectively serves as a preview of what both students and locals can expect to see at the main festival in April. Throughout the day there’ll be events of all sorts – from music to art to fashion, there’s something to see or do all day long. True to On the Rocks fashion, the seven events held on the day are being held in a mix of conventional and unconventional venues.

From the art show ‘Art on the Pebbles’ in Combini to a music cafe in Janettas, a watercolor workshop held in Next Door to clothes upcycling in the Barron Theatre – there truly is something for everyone all over town, with the earliest event starting at eight AM and the latest one ending at eleven PM.

This one day blitz of events is only a taste of what is yet to come, On The Rocks will be back and better than ever for its eleventh year in April 2020. For more information about On the Rocks and their upcoming events, check out their Facebook page here.

credit: on the rocks



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