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Top 5 Things To Do This Week

Top 5 Things To Do: November 18th- November 22nd

Top 5 Things to do: November 18th– November 22nd

  1. Give Blood, November 18th, 12pm-4pm, 601

“Come to Club 601 to give blood give blood and save lives. To check your donation eligibility visit Please have something to eat and drink before donating.”

  1. Registering to Vote, November 19th , 10:30pm-2am, Vic

“Are you registered to vote? This is your opportunity to register in THE most contested constituency in the whole of the United Kingdom before one of the most consequential elections of our time. We’ll be holding voter registration sessions outside the Union in the weeks leading up to the election. All you need to bring is your national insurance number, your home or term time address, and your democratic spirit!” You can also register to vote here:

  1. All You Can Eat Wings, November 20th, 2pm- 3pm, Outside Union

“ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS (or cauliflower) FOR 10 POUNDS!! Please only say if you are going come if you. Please say by Monday so we can reserve! The person who eats the most wins a prize!! Hope to see you all and see who can beat one of the committee!”

  1. Szentek 2019, November 21st, 8pm-2am, Kinkell

“Join us for a night of moving and grooving in a barn by the sea, nestled in the bonnie Kingdom of Fife. A celebration of art, sound, and creative spirit, Szentek brings together a vivid display of visual art with a carefully curated selection of some of the finest DJ and musical talent around.”

  1. St.icker Sale, November 22nd, 11am- 3pm, Outside of Union

“This coming Friday we’ll be selling our KY16, Academic family, PH, and Academic MILF and DILF themed stickers outside of the Student Union! (Check out our page to see the designs) Come grab one or a pack to spice up your laptops, water bottles, notebooks, etc. with some St Andrews spirit!”




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