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Travel Style Guide: Winter Break

How to dress for those long journeys home this 2019!

As we are gearing up to go home for break, there are so many things on our mind: how to pack enough clothes for home in a small bag, what plans we’re going to make with friends and family, where we’re going to go, how to make some extra cash, etc. The one thing that might not be on your mind, but is on mine, is what I’m going to wear on that long plane ride back home. Since St Andrews is such a diverse community, you may be going on a train for an hour to get home or you might be on a plane for 10 hours. Either way, travel style is a big thing in the world of fashion. Travel style is a hot topic and noticed whether you’re an A-list celebrity or a student travelling. I’m going to help inspire you with a few different looks for that perfect travel style to wear on planes, trains, and automobiles this winter season 

Even if you are a seasoned traveller, it can be hard to get the whole travel style thing down. It’s a challenge because I believe it is important to be comfortable but classy, cute, and sporty while also layering to give opportunity to be able to adjust to different temperatures while also not wearing too much. Travel style is a complicated thing. Some of my tips and tricks are to wear your largest pair of shoes and wearing your largest coat so that you have extra room in your suitcase. I am almost always going to be seen in one of my pairs of Dr Martens because I bring them everywhere with me and they take up lots of space in my small suitcases.   

Sporty looks are perfect for travelling. While keeping a cool, stylish look you are comfortable to the max with a nice pair of sneakers, slouchy tee, and a solid pair of joggers. Spice up your sporty look with a pair of sunglasses and nice coordination of colours.

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This looks really plays on the bulky garments taken out of your suitcase. With your big chunky boots and thick jacket, wear a pair of jeans you love and are comfortable to sit in along with a cool, graphic tee. Add a cute headband to accessorise the outfit and you’re ready for takeoff. 

Source: Emily Goggin, Free People

One of my favourite things to do is layer with a jumpsuit. Wear a thin long sleeve shirt under a comfy jumpsuit and you’ve got your entire outfit set. Put on some good sneakers and a big coat to add to the overall look and turn heads as you walk through the airport. 

Source: Emily Goggin, Free People

Sometimes you can get away with wearing pyjamas in public. This is a perfect way to do it. Wear a patterned Henley pyjama shirt with a loose pair of jeans. Add some cool sneakers and a nice, quilted jacket and your pyjama look is perfect and of course comfortable for that long trip ahead of you. 

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As another jumpsuit look, this time we have a long sleeve jumpsuit so you don’t need to layer. Play with colours and create a dichromatic look. Match your clothes with your shoes and your coat to your bag to create an effortlessly chic look. 

Source: Emily Goggin, Free People

This look plays beautifully with fall, holiday colours. With a statement corduroy trouser, pair a simple ribbed, scoop neck, long sleeve and top it all off with a large print plaid coat and a nice bag. The knee-length coat is nice for travel as it will keep your legs warm as well. It could also be paired with a flowy dress or a comfy skirt and tights 

Source: Emily Goggin, Free People

In another example of simple layering, we have a thin, white long sleeve top under a flowy midi dress. This is topped off with a quilted jacket and paired with a cool sneaker. When purchasing a new pair of sneakers it is good to think about how you will wear it and a pair like this are very versatile because they can be the pop of colour in an outfit or you can match them to one or two of the many colours in your outfit. 

Source: Emily Goggin, Free People



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