Drag Walk 2020: A Successful Slay

Cassi tells us just how amazing Drag Walk was in its seventh season this year.

Opening Saints LGBT+’s Queer Fest 2020 was the absolutely spectacular and sold-out Drag Walk 2020. With this year being its seventh season and with the return of St Andrews alumni and Drag Walk founder, RuJazzle, there was much to be excited for.

credit: Saints LGBT

Drag Walk 2020 was perfectly timed, it being only a week after Cheryl Hole’s fabulous performance in Refresher’s Week. St Andrews was clearly itching to see more incredible drag performances, as the event quickly sold out. Yet despite all tickets being sold, 601 was at the perfect capacity, with enough people to inspire energy but not so much that you felt crushed.

What makes events like Drag Walk so fantastic is its inclusive and warm environment. All of Saints LGBT’s events are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. And the crowds reflected that, with its accepting and celebratory atmosphere, with many members of the crowd arriving in incredible drag.

The hosts of this year’s Drag Walk, Bonn Appétit and Zayn Phallic, kept the audience engaged at all times, and saw the show roll through all its performances with their hilarious sense of humour. However, at some points, the sound quality was a little patchy, especially during the roasts. The half-time show was likewise outstanding, with performers like Amy Crackhouse, The XXX Men, Maxx and the Heels, CJ Banks, Frans Gender and of course RuJazzle. 

The contestants themselves were awe-inspiring, as they fought through lip-sync battles for the opportunity to perform at Queer Rooms in March. However, it would have been nice to see more representation of drag kings in the performances, although the XXX-Men’s half time show was amazing. Must give a full congratulations to Vilith Grimm who was truly amazing. Well-worth the wait for the tickets, it looks like Queer Fest is going to be fabulous this year.

credit: Saints LGBT



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