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Top 5 Things To Do This Week

Top 5 Things to do: February 17th – February 21st

Top 5 Things to do: February 17th – February 21st

  1. Blood Drive, February 17th , 10:20am-4pm, Union

“If you have any questions concerning your eligibility to donate, then visit for all the info you need.”

  1. Tedx University of St Andrews Speaker Competition, February 18th, 6pm-9pm, Brew Co North Street

“With our best 6 shortlisted applicants giving the guests a 2-4 minute taster of their talk on the theme ‘On the Edge’, we give YOU the chance to vote for your two favourites who will go on to speak at our conference in April.”

  1. VS 2020 : Urban, February 19th, 6pm- 2am

“In our inaugural year, we want to remove you from the bubble and transport you to downtown New York and across the globe to experience streetwear fashion like never before.”

  1. Take Me Out, February 20th, 7pm-9pm, The Rule

“Take Me Out is a fun, engaging event where one lucky gent may find the girl of his dreams… Adapted from the hit TV show of the same title, the Rule will be transformed into a stage for our beautiful contestants. Come support your friends and enjoy the show!”

  1. RAG-clette Night, February 21st, 7pm- 9am, Episcopal Church

“We will be offering a full meal (including raclette cheese, potatoes and sides, as well as desserts). For newbies: Raclette is a very popular “winter” dish in France, serving warm melted cheese on top of potatoes, alongside assorted meats and salads – you definitely want to try it out! This event is also BYOB! Tickets are 10£ for members/12£ for non members.”



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