Top 5 Things To Do This Week

Top 5 Things to do: February 24th– February 29th 

Top 5 Things To Do: February 24th– February 29th

  1. Take Me To Mirth, February 24th , 8pm-9pm, The Barron Theatre

TOTALLY FREE IMPROV COMEDY | BACK AT THE BARRON | MONDAY 8PM | Arrive early to avoid disappointment

  1. Pancake Day, February 25th, 8:30am-8pm, Northpoint

“We are open 8:30am – 8pm 😱. Serving all our usual pancakes alongside specials of the day . Vegan and gluten free options also available. There is no where else to be on pancake day only question is how many to have 😍”

  1. CW 2020: Playtime, February 26th, 8pm- 2am, 601

“This is the only fashion show in St Andrews which donates 100% of revenue to charity. All ticket sales go straight towards our 3 nominated charities: The Yard Fife, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), and Women for Women International.”

  1. The Rav pres. Studio Dupa, February 27th, 10pm-12:30am, The Rav

“Inspired by colourful Nordic house and steamy disco loft parties, Max Dupa invites you to enter his hazy world of Studio Dupa at The Räv. For our first edition we set sail on a hypnotic evening under the lights, splashed with cocktails and gorgeous beats. Slow things down, join the ride and wake up with our name on your lips.”

  1. Big Cheesy Bop, February 28th, 10:30pm- 2am, Union

“Looking for your favourite guilty pleasures? Then look no further, the Big Cheesy Bop is for you! All the ‘so bad it’s good’ music and cheesy pop that you love and more, so don’t miss out.”




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