Source: Catwalk (Annie Pritchett-Brown)

Catwalk 2020 Review: ‘Playtime’ Is Pure Joy

Maiah reviews the Catwalk 2020 Charity Fashion

This year, Catwalk Charity Fashion Show promised a night of fun and revelry, a promise it certainly upheld with the theme of ‘Playtime.’  Never had I seen such an eclectic and quirky display of fashion before at a St Andrews fashion show, nor had I seen such a diverse group of models.  From the opening of the show, I knew I was in for a good night and a great display of design.
Upon entering the venue, which was held in Club 601, my friend and I were handed a gin and tonic, which was a nice surprise to start off the night.  We sipped our drinks just as the lights dimmed and the very first models began to walk out to the music.  I noticed that the choreography of Catwalk was very well done, and more thoughtful than other shows I had seen before.  Most fashion shows I have seen usually involve the models walking out to the end of the catwalk, posing, then walking back.  With Catwalk, there seemed to be a keen sense of choreography, so that it did not just involve ‘walking.’  This was also evident at the end of the show, when the models were able to dance however they wanted for their last few walks, cementing the fact that ‘Playtime,’ truly delivered on its promise of fun and creativity. The music only added to the ambiance, with favourites everyone could bop along to. The music was definitely the best out of any of the fashion shows and nicely tied the whole theme together.
Source: Catwalk (Henry Memmott)
Of course, it was the fashion and unique clothing that truly were the stars of the show.  Some of my favourite looks included a dress that looked like a cloud, made out of peach coloured pom-poms, and a collection of gold-toned dresses in a variety of silhouettes, ranging from tiered ruffles to fluted sleeves.
Source: Catwalk (Julia Caira)
Source: Catwalk (Henry Memmott)
Some other noteworthy looks were the highland wear line, a dress that looked like it was made out of literal stardust, and the overall vibrant pops of colour that truly made the show a standout.  After the show, the afterparty started in full swing in 601, continuing with just as much energy and music as the show itself.
Source: Catwalk (Henry Memmott)
Overall, I would definitely return to Catwalk next year.  The theme, ‘Playtime,’ was honestly adorable, enjoyable, and just very well-done.  With 100% of the proceeds going to charities such as The Yard Fife, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), and Women for Women International, how can you say no?  I would highly recommend this show, and as a first-time attendee, it has earned a spot in one of my favourite St Andrews events – well done to the team and all those who made it possible.
Source: Catwalk (Annie Pritchett-Brown)



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