The Club Sandwich Tour- Bonjour BrewCo!

Steph Coulter hits BrewCo to see where their club sandwich falls in the quest for the best!

St Andrews Brewing Company

Overall Rating: 9/10

Price: £7.95 (but knew the barmaid so got it for £6.76)

Club Companion: Sam Hall

Date: 14th September 2019

A new academic year, but some things never change. I was at the union the previous night and a member of the opposite sex enquired into what my passions were. I took a moment to consider; could it be politics? Literature? The arts? “Club sandwiches” was my reply. Needless to say, she was not impressed. However, I am who I am, and I found myself in BrewCo the next day nursing a massive hangover, and excited to sample what they had to offer. Keenly priced at £7.95 for a club, I was able to knock down the price to £6.76 (what a steal) because I knew the girl at the bar. The sandwich itself was monstrous in size, I knew upon seeing it that I would be filled if nothing else. First up, the flavour- crunchy bread, crispy bacon, succulent chicken and a vein of beautiful tomato permeating! My-oh-my what a tasty club. There was no avant garde bullshit, the chef showing a great understanding of the fundamentals of a club. As we know by now, club sandwiches live and die by their ratios and this one got it perfect- the flavours were well balanced, and the ideology of mayo-conservatism appeared not to have spread to BrewCo- this thing held the perfect moisture. Mayo is the fly-half of club sandwiches, the facilitator of greatness, without which the whole operation falters. The mayo in this club was therefore Finn Russell, linking the elements of the club together just as Scotland’s main man links our attacks. Furthermore, the assembly was strong and holds in a manner akin to Tiger on the back nine on a Sunday. The only downside was the accompaniment. I appreciate the healthy nature of a crunchy side salad, but I was hanging and in need of a yard of chips to restore normality. A club sandwich without chips is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. You’re better than this BrewCo. Despite this setback, this is an epic club sandwich. Filling, tasty, reasonably priced and located within two minutes of my house, this could be the new club sandwich ‘local’. It lacks the pizzazz of the Jigger Inn, but is a comfortable second so far in the quest to discover St Andrews’ greatest club.

Source: Steph Coulter



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