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Black-Owned Fashion & Beauty Businesses To Support Now & Always

Emily tells us many ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement

At this time, we are all looking to support others and make changes happen. In addition to signing petitions, donating to organisations, protesting, reflecting, and conversing, we need to put our money where our mouth is and diversify where we shop. I gathered some information on top black-owned fashion labels and beauty companies, along with black fashion influencers to follow and I want to share with you all. Reposting an Instagram story is a good first step, but there is far more work to do after. Giving your support to these businesses is important to do now and to continue to do as they all have incredible products, designs, and are high-quality goods. There is a range of prices, styles, products, and colors – something for us all to support.

This blog page has posts with linked social media accounts of all of the labels & brands, along with information about them. Please check it out!

Source: Emily Goggin

Source: Emily Goggin

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