An Ode to Our 4th Years

A thank-you to our former editors who graduated in 2020

Dear St Andrews’ class of 2020,

This week would have been your graduation and a culmination of all your achievements at a one-of-a-kind university perched on the east coast of Scotland.  Instead, a pandemic changed the way you thought your last year at St Andrews would end.  Yet, you persisted and completed your time at university in a much different way it could have ended – and for this, congratulations.
At this moment, we at the Stand would like to thank all our leavers in 2020, and would like to highlight the fourth years graduating this year from our editorial staff.  We want to thank them for all their hard work and commitment to this newspaper, which would not be what it is without them.
Thank you to Dil, our former Deputy Opinions Editor who graced every editorial meeting and occasion with the perfect outfit and one-liner. Your articles, style, and penchant for writing the boldest words surely made the Stand a standout.
Thank you to Priyam, our former Deputy Fashion Editor who wowed us with his knowledge of Kanye and changed the way we saw fashion, plus his ability to know the next trend even before we knew it.
Thank you to Poppy, our former Opinions Editor, who was able to bring the hottest topics to the Opinions section and paired them with her stories of the happenings at the Whey Pat.  We will sorely miss her additions to our meetings and the accounts of grumpy old men at the pub.
Thank you to Jack, our former Events editor who never missed a party, polo match, fashion show, or ball at St Andrews without a glass of champagne in hand.  Without you, we would be so lost and will miss your presence at future special occasions.
And last but not least, thank you to Sara, our former Deputy Editor and Zoe, our (small, but mighty) Editor-in-Chief.  Sara, thank you for bringing humour and sass to our weekly meetings and putting up with a plethora of nonsense.
Zoe, thank you for being the glue that held us together and solving every problem or bump that we faced head-on.  Without your guidance, our newspaper would not be what it is now and we have huge shoes to fill.  Thank you both for your leadership and your time at St Andrews making the Stand its best newspaper (no bias here).
Congratulations to our fourth years here at the Stand and to all of St Andrews’ leavers.  Class of 2020 – even in unprecedented circumstances – you did it!



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