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In Solitude with Sitara

A review of Sitara’s first ever virtual event

Sitara is a student-run charity fashion show that aims to highlight cultural diversity. Our directors have stated that “regardless of what’s going on in the world, we will continue to find ways to highlight what Sitara represents: Asian culture, diversity, and inclusivity.” They did exactly that by reaching the hearts of the many Saints abroad in their homes with Sitara’s first-ever online event. During these unfortunate times, Sitara is making sure not to “add unnecessary risk to the St Andrews community.” Sitara’s big annual fashion show is set to be in April 2021; however, it will still be dependent upon the restrictions in spring.

‘In Solitude with Sitara’ was their first ever virtual event that showcased student DJs from St. Andrews, which included Rory MacLean, Q (Quinton Wormald), and Tim Berger. However, due to some technical difficulties we were unfortunately unable to listen to Q’s set. Even with this obstacle, Tim Berger, Sitara’s Head of Music, rose to the challenge and performed two drastically different and entertaining sets. The goal in hosting this event, according to Sitara was to, “bring friends together in small, socially responsible groups.” After the live-stream, Sitara’s official statement highlighted the key members that made this event such a success which includes “our resident DJ Tim Berger, supported by Hannah, Jean, and Raymond.”

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Rory MacLean was the first DJ of the night.  For me, Rory’s set was truly nostalgic, as it took me back to my nights out in St. Andrews with my friends. As Rory describes his set to be, “a club-like atmosphere… with the dark theme and visuals whilst also squeezing a lot of tracks into the hour – resulting in a higher energy set for those listening at home.” His set consisted of a good mix of mainstream music with many of his personal favorites as well. 

Sitara’s Head of Music would also like to mention that, “if you are a DJ or band new to St. Andrews who wants to get involved don’t hesitate to reach out to the Sitara Facebook page, we would love to showcase you!” Speaking with Rory about his experience working with Sitara, he states that “DJing for Sitara is great because I get to delve deeper into specific genres and explore different mixing techniques as opposed to my other gigs which are more general in terms of musical direction or entirely open format.”  

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This event was the best way to end freshers and I would encourage people to check out Sitara’s future events! According to the events  representatives, they are “planning more live stream events throughout the semester, with more interactive elements to the show.” The next live stream event Sitara will be hosting is on 16 October. Lastly, I want to leave you with these words from Sitara’s Event’s coordinator, Hannah Kershaw, as she says, “life’s too short for hating so you should really check out what you’re bombarded with, on your Facebook timeline!”



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