Fashion Forward: Vegan Clothing

Kashika introduces us to a newer segment of the fashion industry: ethical vegan fashion.

The word vegan means that the product being used/consumed has not been taken from any kind of animal. Most people hear the word in conjunction with food, but more and more fashion houses are adopting vegan clothing to add to their collections. Basically, vegan clothes do not use any leather, silk, wool, fur, or down in them. More specifically, they prefer to use natural fibres derived from plants such as cotton, hemp, linen, or synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, etc.

With the way the fashion industry has progressed, animal products are no longer synonymous with durability, quality, and style. Human ingenuity has allowed us to progress to a point where we are able to get the same quality product in an equally nice design, in a fabric that has not used, harmed, or exploited animals in any way. And it’s not just clothing that’s following this trend, but anyone who works with any kind of fabric and garment products, such as furniture manufacturers, weavers, and textile producers are creating materials that reflect their consciousness and concern for animal welfare.

Source: Vegan Fashion Week

Vegan fashion has also been on the rise in conjunction with other kinds of sustainable fashion ideas. For example, designers have been inspired to incorporate elements of recycled materials, such as plastic, rubber, cork, and other reusable material. It seems that most fashion houses are starting to diversify their lines into sustainable products, and many small, boutique and homegrown designers are launching their own lines of clothes and fabrics, which has become their identity and ethos for running their businesses.

Source: Vegan Fashion Week

The trend of vegan everything has become so prominent that Vegan Fashion Week has become one of fashion’s foremost events of the year. The aim of such events is to increase exposure to animal rights — something that is grossly looked over in the fashion industry in general. The issue with most fashion companies is the indiscriminate way with which they slaughter animals in order to reap their hide, fur, or feathers. Across industries, people are combining their products with deep consciousness and activism, giving rise to a new kind of unique selling point that makes the end-user and client feel guilt-free — this is something I’m entirely on board with.



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