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Nights ‘in’ During the Age of Lockdown: A Guide to Semester Two

Lucia shares everything you need to know about hosting fun events during lockdown.

All of us have felt disheartened when reading the news about this second semester we have just started. I personally believed the worst was behind us and was ready to start partying again (maybe hoping in a cheeky May Dip!). Nonetheless, COVID has set its mind to ruin our social life, and so we are once again stuck inside. Whether you are in St. Andrews or you at home, this brief guide could help you organise something interesting with your friends, despite the distance. 

Cook off night!

Get those groceries in and organise a cook off with your flatmates, or if you are at home, zoom-call your friends (at least while cooking you will be avoiding embarrassing silences and awkward looks on the camera). Make it chill, prepare your favorite comfort food and exchange recipes with friends. You could also decide to vote the best dish/ best looking dish (long distance alternative) by the end of the night. 

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Tik Tok challenge!

Tik Tok is what’s keeping us all sane during this lockdown (or maybe our worst temptation and procrastination companion, it’s a matter of perspectives after all). Anyway, all of us are now addicted to this social media platform and what’ s better than trying to become viral with your friends? Whether you are together or apart, you can create a banging video with just a little bit of creativity. From coordinated dances to “this or that” you can really do whatever you fancy, while hoping luck winks at you with some 100,000 likes. Some of the best challenges so far are the “three course meal challenge” (might be complicated at a distance) and definitely anything relating to your university courses or careers.

Boozy night!

Nowadays a night out has barely become a blurry memory from the past. However, you clearly don’t have to give up the booze! Pub quiz time has passed and now the only thing to do is drown the sorrows of another lockdown with alcohol. Pour you favorite drink while catching up with friends and just be yourself. I know it’s been a while since there has been a proper party, and those organised games are actually quite lame and nobody enjoys them, especially if needing external apps. Just gather together and maybe start telling embarrassing stories about the each other, and the one with the most embarrassing has to down their drink. Proceed this way, until you are so comfortable (and dizzy) that you won’t even realize you are actually on a zoom call.

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I hope this guide has been of inspiration for some. This is a terrible period for everybody, but as long as you keep in touch with friends the rest is out of your control! 



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