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RAG Week Preview

Wren Speiser walks us through what RAG week will look like during COVID.

Raising and Giving Week— RAG for short— is hosted by St Andrews students with the aim to “raise as much money as possible for our 3 chosen charities each year.” This year RAG proceeds are going to Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, Scottish Association for Mental Health, and Choose Love– Help Refugees. While Covid-19 has pushed many RAG week events to a virtual platform, the St Andrews Charities Campaign has found creative ways to encourage yet another series of successful donation endeavors. One such event held in October was “Dare to Donate,” a compilation of dares completed by committee members raising over 1,000 pounds within the first two days, and an astounding 3,000 pounds by the end of the week. Some of the dares completed by organisation members include shaving heads, eating raw onions, completing ice bucket challenges, swimming in the North Sea, and other similar brave (and sometimes uncomfortable) feats.

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For November, RAG has committed to a Random Acts of Kindness recognition publication via Facebook. They encourage anyone to submit “stories of random kindness that they have experienced these past few months in St Andrews”. Then, these stories will be posted throughout the month (anonymously or not, depending on the sender’s preference). To participate simply fill out the google form below and check RAG’s Facebook page to see the results.

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The full RAG Week will take place Monday 15th – Sunday 21st of February. If you would like your society or club to participate in this charitable cause, fill out the google form below containing the relevant information. To stay up to date on future RAG events be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages linked below.

RAG Week Instagram: @ragweekstandrews

RAG Week Facebook: @ragweekstandrews

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