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Yoga, not as daunting as it may seem

Zoe shares her experience doing a seated yoga class with YogiSoc and DSN

What do you associate with the word yoga? Perhaps you think of spirituality, calmness, and being zen, or maybe you see yoga as a daunting prospect, especially if one has the preconception that being super flexible is a requirement to do yoga. Well, seated yoga will completely dispel this myth.

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Recently St. Andrews DSN and YogiSoc hosted a seated yoga class; the session focused entirely on moving the upper body, whilst still helping to work out the glutes; meaning any worries about flexibility in the legs are already out of the picture. The way the instructor, Caz, spoke through the exercises and offered constant reassurance made me feel completely at ease and comfortable with what I was doing. Caz gave pointers in a way that left no concern for embarrassment as she made it easy to know whether you needed to adjust your position without feeling singled out for doing something wrong. For every position, there were adaptations (such as using a strap) to make sure that everyone was comfortable in their body and stretching the right muscles without straining or injuring themselves, which can often be a worry for beginners. In addition to this, Caz offered equipment alternatives such as using a bathrobe belt if one did not have a yoga strap, meaning the session was not only accessible for all flexibilities but also for all budgets and levels of equipment.

I would definitely try yoga again, especially a class such as this. As a person that can get quite stressed, I came away from the session feeling calm and relaxed. I also feel much more knowledgeable about my own body’s limits. I would encourage everyone of all abilities to try yoga; it is the perfect way to do some exercise whilst simultaneously providing yourself with a sense of peace, something which is becoming increasingly necessary in this pandemic.

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You can find the class that I attended as well as a variety of other events on the St Andrews Disabled Student’s Network Facebook page:

You can find more information about the different yoga classes you can attend and membership on the yogisoc website:

You can also follow their Facebook page and see the free yoga classes they do under events:



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