Nights-in in the age of lockdown: part 2

Looking for things to do during lockdown? Lucia shares some creative and fun things to do with friends no matter where you are.

All of us must have felt disheartened when reading the news about this second semester we have just started. I personally believed the worst was far behind and I felt ready to start partying again (maybe hoping in a cheeky May Dip!). Nonetheless, corona has set its mind to ruin our social life and so we are once again stuck inside. Whether you managed to sneak back to St. Andrews or you are still at home, this brief guide could help you organise something interesting with your friends, despite the distance. 


I know this one might sound a bit boring and clearly unneeded during such a stressful time. However, there are so many amazing conferences and podcasts out there since people are trying to connect via virtual engagement with a broader public. Indeed, from museums to extravagant theatre performances, you can basically find every kind of live or recorded event nowadays. Just browse around and look out for something interesting that could call for a more intellectual night. Certainly, you can still make it fun by inviting your friends to participate and maybe comment together, after all, isn’t it what we all do during online classes? I bet all of us open messenger at least once to comment on the tutor’s latest weird expression. You can also pour yourself a glass of wine and munch on some cheese to live your best bougie night of the semester. 

Arts and crafts night

Creating and working with hands is a renowned and stress-free activity, and if you add some wine and competition it could turn out to be a very interesting night-in. Whether on a call or in-person you can choose a common theme to be interpreted artistically and in the end select a winner with a designated prize. It might be a relaxing way to spend the night while also gaining some artistic skills.

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International book club

If you and your friends all come from different places try to share your own culture and background. Like with secret Santa each of you picks a book to assign to a fellow mate and after a given amount of time you can all have a meet-up to discuss the books you chose and how they relate to your experiences. Obviously, you can choose any kind of books, from recipes to jokes, we are already reading a lot for school and there is no need to stress out more! This exchange is also valuable with other goods: me and some friends highly recommend exchanging local wines for a different taste and more exciting night-in.

Source: pexels


Fantafootball is a must, however anything could be turned into a competition. From the sequence of people eliminated from Bake Off to your academic record, just bet a drink on something with your friends in order to keep you thriving for when life is going to go back to “normal”. 

I hope this guide has been of inspiration for some. This is a terrible period for everybody but as long as you keep in touch with friends everything will go well!



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