Gossip Girl Got a Gen Z Makeover

Kashika gives us an update on the wardrobes of the Gossip Girl reboot.

It’s been more than a decade since Gossip Girl first premiered, giving us the scoop into Manhattan’s most elite Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, and Chuck Bass. Whether it was upscaling their plaid uniforms with accessories (iconic headband) or the perfect gowns at parties that filled their social calendars, the Upper East Side fashion covers almost all-out Pinterest boards.

In 2007, Blair Waldorf and her minions defined preppy, while Jenny Humphrey delineated the edgy emo look. Now there is a new Gossip Girl coming our way, but how will the fashion choices be as impactful?

The reboot is planned to premiere on HBO Max in 2021, but there are a few pictures that make us love OG costume director Eric Damon for perfecting each fashion piece worn by the St. Jude boys and the Constance girls.

The iconic forest green plaid remains consistent even now, but stockings appear to be traded for bike shorts. Photos from the shoot show Whitney Peak sitting on The Met steps wearing her plaid dress uniform, Adidas Superstars along with a red tote bag from Revolution Books.

In the original series, Jenny Humphrey pushed against her social status – her rebellious nature shone from her fashion choices. Serena had an easy-going nature and her clothing style reflected that. Blair has the prep school look down to the tip, defining a whole era of girls believing “leggings aren’t pants”

We know very little about the new characters, but the reboot appears to amalgamate archetypes across various characters. Many outfits showcase the idea of comfort over style, incorporating baggy sweaters and sneakers with dresses. No colored tires or shirts with luxury brand suits have been observed yet (heart eyes for Chuck Bass, always).

The Balenciaga’s infamous Triple S sneakers make an appearance – altogether inconsistent with the fashion choices the 2007 GG made. Jordan Alexander’s character was spotted in a pair of shoes (the all-white version) while filming in early December.

The 2007 episodes took place in a pre-Instagram era of flip phones, giving us access to a world that many of us only dreamt about – a glance into what the rich ‘it’ teenagers of New York City were wearing. There have been speculations if the influence of the reboot will have the same domination on the target audience or not, simply because Instagram and Pinterest tell us what is ‘it’ all over the world. So if we have already seen it on Instagram, chances are that we will not find it as exciting.

I hope (as a diehard Gossip Girl fan!!) that the style includes a version of nostalgia and references from the original series while incorporating sneakers and streetwear which form the basis of cool nowadays.




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