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Spring Break Alternatives

Ella shares some fun events (online and in-person) that you can do over the second half of spring break.

So, Spring Break is looking a little different this year, and the message from the government (and university) is clear – do not travel, and keep social contact to a minimum. This longer than normal first half of the semester has been tough, and seemingly never-ending. So with two weeks free, and nowhere to go, what options are we left with? Well, multiple societies are running virtual events that are perfect for making the most of your break, and having the fun you deserve!

Firstly, Empowher is one of the societies leading the way in innovative ideas to get involved with over spring break!  Their Open Fortnight is a series of events running from the 20th March – 3rd April. The society is offering all events for free, as a taster of the group. Three of the events are physical or workout-based, such as Martial Arts, Zumba, and HIIT. These sound absolutely perfect for keeping some exercise up over the break in a fun way! Similarly, the two weeks of events feature a number of social options, including a specific freshers’ social, as well as a cooking social and a discussion night. In these times, it’s easy to get carried away with work. Getting back in touch with people and meeting new friends is so important, and these online events seem like the perfect way to do just that!

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Furthermore, the university’s Can Do initiative is offering various opportunities in a collaboration between the university itself and the Students Association. The Can Do Team is hosting a Reading Lunch on the 25th March at 1 pm, encouraging attendees to share their love of books. I often find that during the semester, I can never find the time to recreationally read, even though I know it’s a true love of mine! This event (run every second Thursday) is a great opportunity to use the break to get into some of those books you’ve been planning to read for months! Another Can Do event to look out for over spring break is the National Day of Reflection Event, organised by the Chaplaincy. With such a busy (and long…) start to the semester, a moment of reflection is the perfect chance to take a breather, and focus on the positive things we can take away from the last few months, and the things we have achieved. The event is being held on the 23rd March, marking a year after the first lockdown was imposed in the UK. Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sally Mapstone, as well as chaplain Revd Dr. Donald MacEwan will talk, as well as music and readings being performed. The event held online as a live stream, then invites attendees to go outside, even just to “pop your head out of the window”, for a moment of reflection and “collective hope for a brighter future”.  You can find more information about these events, and more, on the Can Do events page!

Finally, a great event to keep your eye on, particularly if you’re in St Andrews, is the Spring Break Coffee and Walk Match Up, being run by Populus. The team has published a form, questioning things such as your age, interests, and extra information about you, before offering to match you up with another person to meet with! This is a great way to stay social, and meet new people, whilst staying within government guidelines. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

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So, whilst this year may not be like any other, we can still use this break wisely. Take the time off to have fun and relax! The events are out there, and the positive effects of socialising and focusing on enjoyment rather than work are invaluable. Many of these events can be found on Facebook, or the university website, so take a look! 



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