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Panel Discussion: Fast Fashion and Its Solutions

Alissa discusses the latest panel on sustainable fashion and shares how we can all live more sustainably.

Fast fashion has always been on the back of my mind ever since I found out how damaging it has been to our planet. This panel discussion hosted by Sustainable Style and Transition emphasized my sentiments on this issue. The event was named ‘Fast Fashion and Its Solutions’, however, we came to learn that there is no easy solution available. This problem of fast fashion intersects many different issues in our world today, which makes it harder for an easy solution to come about. The one possible solution that was a key takeaway from this panel discussion was the need of self-awareness in everyone when shopping. As we must all take steps in stopping the problem of fast fashion at the root through educating ourselves as well as making conscious steps towards sustainability.

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From listening to expert advice given during the panel discussion, I had the chance to self-reflect on my own actions, which have continued this issue of fast fashion. I for one have often purchased clothes from cheap places without a second thought on how these prices were possible and what damages it could do to continue in my ways. When realizing my faults I searched for ways in which I can shop ethically and sustainably, however, this is not an affordable option. Due to the question of affordability, I often see more people my age favoring cheaper options. These cheaper options may bring you a pile of new clothes, however, the damage that it causes is not worth it at all. We must face the facts and become aware of how a single choice of purchasing from these companies that promote fast fashion can cause astronomical damage to our earth.

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It is true that these major companies mass-producing clothing are the ones at fault here. However, it has now been decades in which we pointed the finger at these companies with no change brought about. That is why now is the time we must be conscious of our choices, as it is better late than never. I challenge you all to slowly step-by-step make these sustainable choices so that we can come closer to a solution. This panel suggested that we become self-aware as shoppers, which is something that I stand by. In addition, I will propose a concrete process in which we all can become more sustainable and ethical shoppers. First off, we must change our mindset of favoring quantity over quality. Social media often glorifies massive hauls, however, these clothing items generally are low in quality and never last long. Another suggestion I propose is that we avoid trends and find a style that suits us. The reason for this is because oftentimes trends come and go, never really staying the same. Due to this constant change, we find ourselves buying more and more clothes to fit that said trend. However, if we found a style that we liked best without caring for trends we would be able to purchase a minimal amount of clothing items to suit our own needs. I understand these suggestions may not work for all, but I hope that this kickstarts a much-needed dialogue on how to shop sustainably. 



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