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Twin Atlantic: Reviewed

Zoe reviews the Twin Atlantic concert at Union North during Freshers Week.

For those who haven’t heard much of Twin Atlantic, myself included, they are a pop-rock band originating in Glasgow. On Tuesday night of fresher’s week, my flatmate convinced me and the rest of my flat to go along to see their performance at Union North. Whilst I trusted my flatmates, the things I heard about the Union North thus far weren’t exactly stellar; not necessarily because of the performers but just the lack of people that were going. Luckily, I had nothing to fear as things quickly became busy, so much so that it apparently caused a noise complaint from a local farmer. As for Twin Atlantic themselves, well they were insane. Not only did they bring energy to everything they played, but everything they played was amazing.

Source: The Union

When we first arrived, there were lots of people sitting down in groups, which alarmed me at first, I am not one for sitting during a performance, especially not in such an open space that is supposed to emulate a festival. I had a feeling there may suddenly be a wave of people getting up and rushing to the front, so I was ready, and as the band came on that is exactly what happened. Luckily my friends and I were right at the front, and very quickly more people started to filter in making for a great atmosphere and a fantastic evening. 

Source: Zoe Hemming-Clark

The lead singer, Sam McTrusty, knew how to work a crowd of uni students, especially ones that have suffered at the hands of Covid as he gave everyone a free pass to get wild due to us all being “locked up” in our rooms for two years. People started getting on each other’s shoulders and doing generally festival-like things that had been met with glares from security guards. They played through all their songs and when I turned my head towards the end of a concert, some lad had wormed his way next to me at the front, shouting for another song with the rest of the crowd soon following. McTrusty said they’d played everything they had, but alas the boy and the rest of the crowd did not give up. Testimony to Twin Atlantics incredible performance. Luckily it was a success as McTrusty grabbed his guitar and sang Crashland, a perfect close to a wonderful set. People started swaying, the torch lights came on, the song being dedicated to encore lad and the crowd for being so brilliant. I don’t see how anyone could have walked away from the concert feeling anything but enthused. 



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