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The Definitive Ranking of Pizzas in St Andrews

A guide to the best pizzas in St Andrews!

As a third year at St Andrews, I’ve come to eat a lot of pizzas during my time here. All the pizzas ranked here are enjoyable and make for a pleasant dining experience in their own way, but this is just my opinion on where you can get the best here in St. Andrews!

7. Mozza 

Kicking us off in last place is the cheapest sit-down pizza in St Andrews, which can be found for £5 at Mozza on Bell Street. Since its arrival in town a few years ago, Mozza has become a clear favourite with students, so why the low ranking? Unfortunately, I tend to find that the base can be a little doughy or raw at times, and we all know that there is nothing worse than a soggy pizza!

6. Domino’s 

If you’re not looking for an authentic Italian pizza but are looking to cure an intense hangover, Dominoes is a student staple. It’s certainly not the best, and its quality doesn’t even come close to some of the pizzas higher up on this list, but I occasionally find myself craving one! The excellent deals Dominoes always seems to have on offer makes it an appealing choice for students too, but without the deals they can be quite pricey. Having one every couple of months makes for the best experience – over-doing it, like I did in high school by having one every week, ruins the taste and enjoyment of this pizza.

5. Little Italy 

Coming in at £11.95 for a margherita, Little Italy’s pizza is definitely on the pricey side! However, as a treat on occasion this pizza does its job. It comes with plenty of cheese which makes it quite filling. Yet as a consequence both times I’ve had it I was unable to finish the full thing (which is rare for me!). This pizza is therefore not for the faint of heart but is incredibly delicious!

4. Pizza Express 

Pizza Express pizzas are simple, yet effective.  Although they don’t really have any faults in my eyes, there is nothing spectacular about them either. I’ve never left the chain unsatisfied but have also never left feeling really wowed. Pizza Express is a good mid-range option for those looking to dine out or get a takeaway, and the pizzas are best paired with their famous doughballs.

3. Zizzi’s 

As we enter the ranks of my top three pizzas in St Andrews, it would be a mistake to miss out Zizzi’s. This is my favourite chain-restaurant pizza; I love how fresh and light it tastes. Going for the Rustica style pizza (pictured above) means you won’t be left hungry, and you’ll get good value for money. Reasonably priced and loaded with cheese, the pizza at Zizzi’s is always a favourite for me.

2. Lupo’s 

As someone who has been to Italy many times and had a lot of pizzas there, Lupo’s is the closest I’ve ever had to an authentic Italian pizza, not only in this town, but the whole country. The base, the sauce and the cheese taste so fresh and organic. It may be a bit pricey, but it is worth it – I have never met anyone who didn’t enjoy their Lupo’s meal! Missing out on the number one spot by just a fraction, the pizza would definitely be my favourite if the cheese-sauce ratio was perfected.

1. Rocca 

Last, but by no means least, we come to the holy grail of St Andrews pizzas. Picking between Rocca and Lupo’s was extremely difficult, but for me, Rocca has perfected the art of making pizza. Rocca may be known for its sandwiches, but I highly recommend trying their pizza if you haven’t. Although Rocca only acquired their pizza oven this year, it hit the ground running and produced high-quality pizzas from the very start of its venture. Just like Lupo’s, the cheese, the base and the sauce are all delicious, especially when paired with prosciutto as a topping! They make sure to put an individual piece on each slice which I think speaks for the quality. Rocca may be known for its sandwiches, but I highly recommend trying their pizza if you haven’t. The only negative is that they’re on the more expensive side for a takeaway pizza as there is no sit-in available, but you haven’t lived unless you’ve tried one!

I may have missed some worthy contenders out from this list, but, overall, for a small university town, St Andrews definitely has its fair share of great pizzas!



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