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Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Top 5 Things to do, from October 11th to October 17th

Week 5 is Green Week, and also the last week before Independent Learning Week! As we all rush to meet our deadlines, take a short break and check out these events!

  1. Rock Pooling, Tuesday 12th Oct, 1-2pm

In celebration of Green Week next week, the Marine society and Environmental Subcomittee have collaborated to bring organize a rock pooling session. The session starts at 1pm and is a great opportunity for anyone studying biology to take a look at the creatures living near the pier. No tickets are needed, for more information:


  1. Sandy’s Sundown Standup, Tuesday 12th Oct, 7:30pm

As we reach the halfway mark of the semester, why not wind down with a joke or two? The St Andrews Comedy Society will be hosting the event at Sandy’s Bar. So grab a few friends and head to Sandy’s for a laugh and maybe try out some of your own material? For more information:


  1. Wine and Cheese Night, Wednesday 13th Oct, 7pm

In vino veritas, in wine there is truth. So join the Fine Wine and Cheese society at Tulsi on Market street to explore the truths a fine bottle of wine can reveal to you. Calling all wine lovers of St Andrews: make sure to purchase your tickets through fixr:  Slip and slurp the night away, for more information:


  1. Introduction to Italian Reds, Thursday 14th Oct, 7:30 pm

If one wine night is not enough, why not dive into an immersive tasting experience of Italian red wines? Join the St Andrews Wine Society as they take you through the alpine trails of Piedmont, the hills of Tuscany and the volcanic coast of Sicily. Tickets can be bought at, for more information:


  1. House of Horror Launch Party, Wednesday 13th Oct, 10pm

As the festive spirit closes in, the days are shorter and the nights are spookier! Halloween is approaching so why not check out House of Horrors launch party. The theme this year will be “The Terrifying World of Tim Burton”. Early Bird Tickets are £6 and regular release tickets are £8 and can be found through Fixr:   For more information visit:





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