A Deep Dive into St Andrews Social Media

A summary of all the St Andrews-based social media pages that you should be following.

Like most universities, St. Andrews is host to many original and very niche social media accounts run by anonymous students for the entertainment of their peers. As someone who spends too much time on Instagram and now, apparently, Facebook (I didn’t know people below the age of 50 still used it till coming here!), I decided to review some of my favourite local accounts.

Crushes of St Andrews ( https://www.facebook.com/StACrushes/ )

A classic and beloved one which mimics the Craigslist forum, Missed Connections, this Facebook page encourages students to send in their “crushes” around town, whether it’s someone they saw in the Tesco line or someone they’ve been in love with for years. It’s a completely anonymous submission format and the mystery behind who is in the posts makes it a fun page to scroll through at night trying to play detective and find out who the crushes are!


St Andrews Affirmations ( https://www.instagram.com/standrewsaffirmations/ )

A relatively new, yet rapidly popularized Instagram page, St Andrews Affirmations boasts over 2,200 followers with constant new posts. This account is run by an anonymous first year with unique, funny, affirmations specifically relating to St Andrews students. From posts captioned “there is no shawarma queue at 3am” to “I will get Christmas ball tickets,” this account hits the nail on the head with all of the niche, yet universal experiences all students go through here.


Snacking in St Andrews ( https://www.instagram.com/snackinstandrews/ )

A smaller, high-quality account that documents the at times grim dining hall food, in addition to random meals from around town. While the food is standard, the reviews of the meals are what really makes this account what it is. Filled with witty and original takes on all the typical meals, this Instagram page makes for a fun read and scroll through.


Dank St Andrews Memes ( https://www.instagram.com/dankstandrewsmemes/ )

This meme page is a wildly popular account and an essential part of the online St Andrews community. Of course, it is a compilation of the most relatable St Andrews content ranging from degree starter packs to roasting various groups of people at this school. It’s always fun when you open up your feed to see a spam of posts from this account.


St Fessdrews ( https://www.facebook.com/stFessdrews/ )

This is the ultimate forum to air out any grievances, rants, embarrassing questions, or random thoughts. This Facebook page can be more of a downer rather than a Gossip Girl-esque anonymous page. Usually, you’ll find module complaints and COVID related rants, which are not the most exciting but can prove to be useful if you have something to say but don’t have the guts to put your name behind it!

Honourable Mentions!

Some of the smaller accounts which are still deserving of a mini shoutout:



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