One Night Stand, Take 2: The Boy’s Perspective

Maxx, Charlie and Mr Napkin Head went on a blind date at The One Under. Here’s what happened.

We ask the boys from our recent blind-dating experiment to share their thoughts on the night. For the other side of things, check out our interview with the girls.

1.) Please give the date a 1-10 ranking:

Maxx: A solid 8 unless everyone else said they had a terrible time, in which case I rate the evening a 4

Charlie: Would have been a solid 7, but that has been brought down to a six by the fact that one of the dates already had a boyfriend…

2.) How was your performance?

Maxx: To kick things off I got the time wrong which meant that Charlie and I turned up half an hour too soon, probably coming across as a bit over keen and tragic when the waiter told us just how early we were. I put in a pretty strong effort as far as making the most of the food and drink on offer; beyond that, despite being the epitome of the suave modern gentleman, there was definite room for improvement on my performance.

Charlie: I think the most awkward thing I said was describing how my pudding plate looked like a murder scene, which didn’t go down brilliantly, everyone thought I was a bit odd for saying it (I went for the pavlova with berries, the red juices were just everywhere). But other than that I felt my performance was … actually yeah I was pretty weird throughout.

3.) What actually happened at the date?

Maxx: Despite probably making a fool of myself, the three course meal was a definite consolation and the mushrooms on toast and ribeye were amazing. In an effort to seem refined I went for the cheese board for desert, which I was too full to eat and ultimately ended up looking pretty pathetic. After we’d broken the ice the boys went to the toilet together for a team-talk, but Charlie managed to eat a burger in 4 mouthfuls, emasculating me and scaring the girls off. To try and repair the damage he spent the rest of the meal with a serviette on his head pretending to be “Mr. Napkinface”, a bold move which surprisingly paid off. I can’t remember exactly what they were but a few faux pas were made (there was definitely some comment about having seen Hannah before in a window which on reflection wasn’t the strongest opening gambit), as was to be expected.

Charlie: Well Maxx said that we were meant to be there half an hour before we were actually meant to by mistake, so we were pretty early and thought we may have been stood up. The food was delicious, we all went for the full 3 courses. I had the mushrooms on toast with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, it was a mouth orgasm, and it upset me a little that it went so quickly. This was followed by a Burger with all the usual toppings – I could barely fit it in my mouth it had so much on it. Then for pudding I had the crime scene.

Edie brought up the topic of Mr Napkin Head (where you put a napkin on your face and talk through it, keeping it attached with your mouth), so I thought it would be funny if we all attempted it, I think I went first and no one really followed (or at least I couldn’t see and when I took it off everyone was kind of laughing at me). We all got a little tipsy, we got through 3 bottles of wine, but that just helped the conversation flow. Maxx brought up that he creepily had seen Hannah through her bedroom window before (not stalkerish at all…). But just all round everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

4.) Are you going to see these people again?

Maxx: I really struggled to connect with Charlie and we agreed to go our separate ways at the end of the night, sometimes there just isn’t a spark and sadly this was one of those occasions.

Charlie: I would happily see them again, sadly neither of the dates could be persuaded to come join in in the wonders of minimood after the date though. Maybe that says a little about Maxx and myself.

5.) Would you go on a blind date again?

Maxx: I’m never one to turn down a good meal so I’d definitely do it again. Given the fact that I was signed up by someone else I came into it with a bit of dread, but it turned out to be a good laugh so yeah I’d recommend it for sure.

Charlie: I would go on a blind date again, yes. This one was highly enjoyable.



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