One Night Stand, Take 2: The Girl’s Perspective

You’ve heard from the boys, now hear what the girls had to say about their night.

We arranged for two couples to embark on a blind double date. These are their stories. For the lads’ side of things, check out our previous interview.

1.) Please give the date a 1-10 ranking

Hannah: I would give the date an eight—largely because that rhymes. It was fun: good conversation, and a nice excuse to drink three bottles of wine (I mean, between the four of us…) on the Thursday of Revision Week. I think ten would have required the kind of romantic spark present only between Hugh Grant and one of his somewhat homely film co-stars. A nine would have been warranted only in the particular instance of our dates having been two cripplingly awkward first years, but in fact they were 4th years with fairly average social skills, so eight it must be.

Edie: The date was a strong 8. Food at The One Under was great, got loads of wine and the boys were very charming.

2.) How was your performance?

Hannah: I was very disappointed in my performance. I have a history of achieving excellent amounts of awkwardness—I have been known to impersonate horses, instigate skinny-dipping, over share for myself, over share for my companions, trip, fall, spill, throw gin and tonics off the bar…you name it, I’ve done it. I was on terribly normal form that night, I fear.

Edie: Hannah and I were (fashionably) late but that was fine because the boys had a chance to get a pint in before we arrived. Overall, I thought I was on pretty good form; I even brought out the Mr Napkin face to break the ice. Mr. Napkin face continued to be a theme throughout.

3.) What actually happened at the date?

Hannah: Edie and I showed up fashionably (approximately nine minutes) late for the time we’d been told (6:45). The boys had been told 6:15, so were there when we arrived. Upon initial eye contact, Edie realized she was friends with one of our dates, Charlie. No icebreakers necessary (though we did them anyways, which was ironically one of the more awkward moments of the date). I had the watercress, pear, and Stilton salad, which was delish, especially since it was mostly cheese as all good salads are. Then I had chicken for my main, along with some awesome truffle fries (fab call, Edie). The complimentary bottles of wine loosened the purse strings just enough for the boys to decide to buy a third bottle, which was a very nice addition to the meal.

The pacing was spot on, with well-timed smoke breaks in between courses—the primary purpose of which was to escape, if temporarily, the judgmental stares of the old couple next to us. We discussed a variety of important topics, though the third bottle of wine may be the reason I can’t quite remember the specifics. I think a Nobel Prize was mentioned, so we must have done something to have won one at some point during the night (it was so important they rushed the decision to the very same night).

At one point, the boys headed off for the toilet together (deep bathroom chats aren’t just for girls!). We can only assume they were intimidated by our awesomeness, and needed to debrief. We also discussed mutual friends, as any good St Andrean will do during a high-pressure social situation such as this one. We quickly realized that Maxx knows my flat mate and her “good pal,” which was fodder for some good stories that I will refrain from putting in print. This was the point where Maxx told me he knew where I lived and had seen me through my bedroom window….

After dessert (I had a Knickerbocker Glory, because, well, who wouldn’t want an ice cream sundae with a fun name?) we realized we’d been there for over three hours (the boys for four) and it was Minimood time. The boys headed off to drink some cheap vodka (which I’ve decided not to take as a indictment of our company), and Edie and I returned to our respective homes to study [read: watch Netflix].

Edie: The three-course meal at the One Under pub was delicious. All four of us spent the first part of the date discussing what to get, but not in a ‘I can’t think of anything else to say’ way but rather an ‘I like food! You like food!’ kind of way. We had some good laughs, shared some stories. Charlie likened his dessert to a murder and Maxx told Hannah that he has seen her through her bedroom window. I started kicking things (see above photo). It’s so refreshing to meet such down to earth people in a town that could start to drive you mad.

4.) Are you going to see these people again?

Hannah: I think it is likely Charlie and I will meet again, given the fact that we have the lovely Edie as a mutual friend. As for Maxx, I’ve already seen him through the window of Prêt, whilst third-wheeling a date with the flat mate and aforementioned “good pal.”

Edie: I would happily hang out with these guys again (seeing as I sorta kinda maybe knew one of them before, it would be cruel to say no…). Maybe I’ll even go dancing with them the next time….

5.) Would you go on a blind date again? (What are the benefits of blind dating, what are the drawbacks, should everyone do it?)

Hannah: I would absolutely go on a blind date again. I think everyone should do it, especially if it involves a delicious three-course meal at the One Under. Now that I’ve broken the blind dating ice, I feel like a real pro. I’m ready to achieve greater awkwardness in the future (true love optional).

Edie: Definitely! But only if the other guys were as nice as Charlie and Maxx (and if Mr. Napkin face comes too!).



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