In the Life of a Model: Michaela Crompton

She’s from Toronto

Saturday wasn’t just Valentine’s Day, it was show day. Lower College Lawn was host to 1650 students for the Annual St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. We sat down with Michaela Crompton to talk about her last four years as an FS model, the highs, the lows and all the memories in between.

Where are you from? What do you study?

I’m from Toronto. I study Art History and Management.

When did you join FS? Why?

I joined FS in my first year. I figured it would be a fun way of getting involved in something philanthropic. I also just wanted to meet new people and do something different.


How has FS evolved over the years?

It’s become so much bigger with every year. We’ve given more money, the show is more exciting, there are more guests attending than ever; everything is just bigger and better. It’s been incredible to see it evolve!

Had you ever modeled before? Would you after university?

I had never modeled before FS. I really don’t plan to after university either. It’s something I’ve done at St Andrews for four years; it’s been fun but definitely not a career choice for me!

How has the rivalry between DW and FS changed?

I’ve had friends in both shows, so I’ve never really felt the rivalry between the two has been that serious. I think they’re very different shows and offer a totally different experience to the audience.

What was your favorite moment?

My favorite moment every year is when we’re allowed to get off the catwalk, change backstage and join the after party! It’s the best way to celebrate with everyone!


What was your most embarrassing moment?

I messed up the choreography in first year and literally froze on the spot on the catwalk. My mind went blank and I just couldn’t move! My friend in the crowd had to tell me to keep going. Actually, worse than that was when I slipped because everyone had spilt drinks over the stage, again in first year. Rookie mistakes!

Who’s your favorite designer?

Issy by London

What was your favorite photoshoot and theme?

My favorite photoshoot was definitely “Behind the Looking Glass”; we did that in my second year. Actually, it’s a tie between that and the Alpha Romeo shoot in my first year. My favorite theme was definitely Bright Young Things last year.

What is the best part of the show for you?

I love the second half of the show. You can just go out and enjoy yourself! No more nerves, just excitement!

What were you feeling as you did your last walk on Saturday?

It was so much fun. The crowd is going wild and it’s exhilarating as usual. But as I did that last walk, it just hit me and I felt sad that is was all over.

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