Campus Style: The importance of a good coat

It’ll save your wardrobe.

As the summer birds flock to sunnier lands and the Americans and Canadians flock back, Fife’s streets and beaches take on a greyish Winter hue.

This November, St Andrews students have been graced with dramatically rosy evening skies but it isn’t long until that all too familiar incessant greyness smothers Scotland in an unwelcome embrace.

So what should you wear this winter? Well, for those of you whose main objective is to keep warm, finding the most fluffy, oversized and duvet-esque winter warmer that money can buy would be wise.


Whether style can endure the transition from “really quite chilly” to “absolutely bloody freezing” is the ultimate question on the lips of those of us who cant spare a rough £700 for a Canada Goose jacket or are not graced with the honour of an FS quilted puffer (which The Tab St Andrews believe to be the most à la mode committee uniform out there this year).


It seems to be that almost every era, genre and style of fashion has been done to death. So the question remains: how to you innovate?

The 40s brought an unprecedented taste of modernity, the 70s an appeal to nature and florals, 80s apparel consisted of colour in a way that the world had never seen before. So let’s end 2015 by parading down an untouched, unedited, and novel path. Whether you are looking for total reformation or just a few nods towards a style-aware look, innovation can be achieved by taking a standard staple coat and twisting it (twisting heads in your direction concurrently).

How to choose generic outerwear with a bold enough twist is up to you guys! The leather jacket, for example, is a standard feature in every girls wardrobe! Rather than buying an exhaustively worn black leather jacket  why not try a Zara pastel blue one which is still transferable to any sort of fashion composition?

Another is the trench coat or mac: the definitive coat of 2015. There are countless ways to stray away from the paradigm of the structured Scottish mac or English World War One trench. If you intend to epitomise the look, the Burberry trench coat is the way to go! Its subtle finesse and classic interior lining transform any outfit.

For those with a smaller budget, vintage shops and asks have a great variety of oversized or floor length macs – don’t be scared to be bold with your choice folks!



Talking of bold, the bomber has scope a BIG serving of creativity. Cara Delevingne (collaborating with DKNY), Stella McCartney (in a killer partnership with Adidas), alongside countless other celebs prove that the bomber is not exclusive the indie among us.

Zara and Monki has been reforming female bombers in the last few seasons whilst Ben Sherman caters for the guys! Undoubtably the best way to source a unique bomber is through vintage shops: in Glasgow the Trongate area has unparalleled variety of bombers (Mr Bens, Minted, The City) and in London the classic Rokit or Blitz.

The Biggest Secret of All

Now, having said all that, it feels only right to contradict myself entirely. The thing is, word on the street (or at least in Vogue- which is pretty venerated in this town as if it were the Vulgate) is that you shouldn’t wear coats at all this season. I know what you’re thinking: “Eh? What? We live in Fife, remember!”


Our solution, alongside that of fashion writers’, is to replace winter coats with thick knits and bold polos. Vogue’s Street Style projects countless images of both men and women who keep their coats safely in their wardrobes this Fall/Winter, and instead don the best of 2015’s knit selection. In particular the split side polo-neck tunic is a look to watch out for alongside the amazing knit collection at Goodhood London.

Is Fife too cold to follow this fresh new look? There’s only one way to find out!



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