In the Life of a Model

Yellow suits, Kate Middleton and Walking.

Where are you from? What do you study?

I’m Swedish with some Austrian influences. Study? I’m here on a full-time modelling scholarship.

When and why did you learn how to walk?

I guess when I was around 2 years old. I wanted to learn mostly in order to prepare myself for my catwalk career.

Can you tell us about your recent progress in yoga?

Good question. I attended a few sessions before the show just to ease my mind before stepping out on the catwalk. Now I’m completely stuck and my life coach tells me that I’m really talented.


What are your favourite and most embarrassing memories? 

Hm, tough question, but my favourite moment must have been when Andrea Ingvar tried to drag me off stage and make out with me in first year, totally unexpected but it is always nice to get some attention. Most embarrassing moment? Probably when Andrea did exactly the same thing in my second and third year as well. Sure, it was funny the first time, but come on, it gets old quite quickly. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since. Great girl otherwise.

Favourite thing you’ve worn? 

Got to be the yellow suit. Massive social media success. It would actually be nice to have some sort of link to my Facebook profile at the end of this interview so all the readers can join in on the like wave.


Could you comment on the rivalry between you and Kate Middleton? How has it changed? 

Haha, I get this question a lot, but I really can’t see why people think that we are rivals. Sure, we’ve both been the stars of DW but we are just motivating and helping each other instead of seeing the other as a rival. When I come to think of it, it is a similar relationship as the one between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie; we’ve had our moments but we’ve helped each other to become the celebrities we are today.

What was it like to do your last walk/see it all come to an end?

Of course it was very sad, I will miss it a lot, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.


All photos courtesy of DONT WALK and Lightbox Creative St Andrews. Follow us on Instagram!



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