Under Canvas is no longer underrated: tonight’s event at Mitchell’s

The Dark Horse of This Year’s Committees makes a return

Claudia Brown

Formerly the dark horse of St Andrews’ committees, Under Canvas sought to reenter the events scene with a bang and remind people of all the fun that comes with #gettingunder. The Friday of Halloween weekend saw Mitchell’s take on an unfamiliar hue as Reckless Kettle (who, rumour has it, will be storming St Andrews again very soon) took over.

First off: the venue. Mitchell’s, often overlooked as the place to go when Forgans is full, was the ideal location for this spooky groove.

“Why is this not done more often?” I hear you cry. Although perhaps what was so attractive about the event was that it was unprecedented in style. There was a definite air of halloween mystery as the night progressed, partially due to the creative set and aesthetics. Red lights created dark shadows whilst candles offered a little light to illuminate the pumpkin bunting and Under Canvas posters.

For £3 Under Canvas put together a really chilled night with Mitchell’s comfy seating lining the walls. But, for those who were hunting for something a little less carbon copied than ‘Cheerleader’ or Fetty Wap, the music was a magnet to the dance floor.

As the event reached capacity hair began to whip, hips and feet assumed a state of constant movement, and the mass of outstandingly dressed students began to loose track of location, time and surroundings as they got lost in Reckless Kettle’s set. The combination of techno, played on the authentic vinyl based decks, with hints of alternative house throughout made for a set that was genuinely interesting to listen to.

Now… word on the street, I believe, is that Under Canvas have another event this Tuesday evening which is set to be even better than their Halloween event. If you’re fed up with music that is solely popular because of its incessant presence at the Vic, then this really is the event for you.



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