Joe Grimeh introduces a new night to Ma Bells

Friday is no longer just for Snowsports

Ma Bells prepares to launch a new Friday night in the wake of SAS’s departure to whiter pastures. DJ Joe Grimeh, Friday’s host, prepares us for an evening like none before.

What would you say to students struggling to choose between a Ma Bells Friday and the Union’s Bop?

Joe Grimeh: If anyone is struggling to decide between a premier hip-hop night at Ma Bells or a Bop at the Union, they’re probably not that much fun and will probably be better off at the Union honestly.

How will tonight be different from any previous Ma Bells nights?

JG: It’s going to be an event in which only hip-hop and other urban styles will be played – pretty unique for a night out in St Andrews. I’m also going to be DJing, so that’s pretty cool too.

Friday nights at Ma Bells were previously exclusive to Snowsports socials

What genre of music can we expect at the Hip Hop Shop?

JG: As the name suggests: Reggaeton and Bluegrass fusion.

How would you recommend guests dress to fit the theme?

JG: Dress 90s and early 2000s! Wear ‘bling’ or any unusually large chains, even flannels would be good. Dress like you’re an extra in a Rick Ross music video. Anything baggy or athletic would be encouraged. If you decide to be a champ and go all out sagging your pants (‘trousers’), make sure they don’t fall down on the premises (Especially not in front of the bouncers). There aren’t many nights here where people will go out in Adidas sneakers (‘trainers’) and sweatpants, so I would encourage everyone to simply get loose and make the most of the theme!

WARNING: Neither Ma Bells nor my self will be responsible for any gold plated belt buckles or ‘grillz’ you may happen to drop on the dance floor.

On a related note: If you decide to bring along your brightly colored Rolls Royce/Hummer, please be advised that we do not have valet parking at Ma Bells at this time and you will be asked to park it round the back.

If you could describe your DJing style in one word, what would it be?

JG: Alright.


Are you planning on this being the first of many Hip Hop Shops at St Andrews?

JG: It depends on how successful this night is. I would be open to doing more of them if Friday night goes well.

Please contact [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance for any potential song requests you may have for the night

Please be advised: No illicit substances or firearms allowed on the property. We want no part of that stuff that goes on in the badlands – This is the Scores. Keep it clean.



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