University Announces £70 million Accommodation Action Plan

RIP Albany Park

Today, Residential and Business Services and the Students’ Association announced University plans to allow £70 million to be invested in student accommodation, in partnership with private sector companies. This money will go towards modernising and expanding existing residences, and building new accommodation across the town.

The Accommodation Plan comes as a result of extensive consultation with current students, and will increase the number of places in University accommodation from 4000 to 4900 by September 2019. The University also points out that a range of rents will be available, along with bursaries and other forms of financial support, in a bid to combat the current apparent lack of affordable accommodation in St Andrews.

Several Halls will be closed or partially closed at various points over the next three years, including University Hall’s Old Wing, Angus and Stanley and Andrew Melville.

New accommodation is to be built at Fife Park, University Hall Annex, Agnes Blackadder Hall and Albany Park, which is expected to be demolished in June 2017.



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