Heat returns for another scorching night

The Rule has officially arrived.

Despite facing competition from the Vic’s Harvest Throwback, the Rule exceeded expectations this past Thursday with the second coming of Heat. Assisted by leagues of students eager to celebrate in the wake of deadlines and dissertations, the venue was at full capacity by 12:30, and did not empty until the lights went on at 2am.

Featuring sets from Scott Gordon and Alasdair Todd (DJs SG and AT, respectively), the night brought the flames that it had promised. Even in the waning hours of the morning, the dancefloor remained alive with an impressive amount of stragglers, a sign of excellent music and efficient bar service.

Admittedly, dancing was not always possible due to the large crowds. From the balcony, it was difficult to see who was queueing, who was dancing, and who was being jostled by those trying to do both. As always, the large room at the back of the venue remained strangely empty, save for a few couples searching for some alone time.


With the largest drawback being the sheer amount of people in attendance, Heat: AMBER was nothing less than a searing success. For £3, the night easily equalled (if not exceeded) the Vic in terms of music, drink and dance. Although Tequila Tuesdays and Throwback Thursdays rarely fail to deliver, a fresh atmosphere is a welcome relief from the all-too-familiar Social Club.

As the Rule continues to establish itself as a venue, recurring events such as Heat help to bolster its brand in town. Students will look to the pub as a viable alternative to Club 601 or the Lizard  – or, at the very least, as a way to fill the void of Thursday nights.

By the time of Freshers’ Week this September, we may have witnessed the Rule’s transformation from a stop along a pub crawl to a final destination.



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