The Other Guys end the semester on just the right note

TOG offered an emotional farewell, both to us and to their own departing members

Natasha Franks

In the intimate atmosphere of the All Saints’ Episcopal Church, the Other Guys took to the stage for one last time before the summer holiday begins. The sold-out concert consisted of songs new and old, vintage and underrated, loved and tolerated, with special emphasis being placed on the three soon-to-be graduates: Xander Johnson, Matthew Buchan, and Ryan Hubner.

The concert began with the recently learned “Hey Ya”, followed by an impromptu “Happy Birthday” to the aging Xander. George Kakas then took the lead for a stunning rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Crazy Love,” setting the bar high quite early in the evening.

As usual, TOG’s signature flair included a lineup of impressive terpsichorean demonstrations, ranging from the hip sway to the fist pump. Guests were also treated to Matt Buchan’s final apologetic rap, rendering that key component of “St Andrews Girls” in need of a new voice come next year.

Resplendent in a red TOG-monogrammed hat, Ryan Hubner led several numbers over the course of the concert: “Chandelier”, “Colder Weather”, and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” were all done justice under his watch. Similarly, Xander and Matt both pulled off several spectacular solos, reminding us of the void that they will inevitably leave in their wake.

Closing the evening with the apt “Hard to Say Goodbye”, TOG certainly made their farewell a memorable one. It is with great sadness that we witness the departure of three excellent voices; however, the group is left in excellent hands, judging by the quality of the boys’ overall performance. Guests fortunate enough to be attending the upcoming May Ball dinner can likely anticipate a number or two on the night!

Photo: The Other Guys



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