Opening Ball Rolls Out the Red Carpet

The first black tie event of the year returns.

14080907_10209769538650591_1200875282_nFreshers’ Week will give us Sinners and Starfields, but otherwise there is little to anticipate throughout the waning weeks of September – other than Opening Ball, that is. Customarily held at the denouement of Week 3, Opening Ball reminds us of all the delights that St Andrews has to offer. Free ice cream, a beautiful marquee and excellent music all act as a perfectly timed pick-me-up as our first deadlines approach. It bills itself as the first black tie event of the year, and in that regard it is unmissable.

Held this year on Friday 30th September, Opening Ball is the blueprint for all other balls to follow. It is here that event staples such as the champagne reception and free Jannettas gelato find their origins. If anything, Opening Ball is the only “classic” ball in town. It needs no theme or pretence, but is able to deliver a spectacular evening based on aura alone. A bellwether by all rights, the night sets the bar high for novice and veteran students alike, as anticipation attracts the freshers and nostalgia the returners.

The ball will provide the year’s inaugural glimpse of Lower College Lawn in all its marqueed finery, a stunning new sight for all first year students. The glitz and the glamour come courtesy of the Kate Kennedy Club, our preeminent party planners, and they combine for a good cause: Opening Ball 2016, along with the KKC’s other annual events, will support the Club’s 2016 / 2017 chosen charities.

Opening Ball 2014. Photo: The Sinner
Opening Ball 2014. Photo: The Sinner

While a charitable goal is reason enough to attend, Opening Ball is brimming with incentives for potential ticket-buyers. Crowd favourite DJs Asquire, FLO and //SG will all be in attendance, among many others. The venue itself is set to maximise convenience and aesthetic with a floored outside area (ideal for ladies in high heels) and a bar strategy that will negate the existence of endless queues. Helmed by second year Tom Higginson, the evening is set to be one of grandeur and sentimentality, an enchanting pastiche of the contemporary St Andrews lifestyle.

Tickets can be purchased through the Union’s website beginning on August 29th.



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