The Arrival of DONT WALK Music

DONT WALK opens applications for its new music collective.

St Andrews is not lacking in entrepreneurial spirit. We are home to countless committees and student startups, all initiated by individuals who value charity over profit. One such organisation is the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show, founded in 2001 with the goal of supporting New York City after the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks. The show was based on emotional perseverance: In addition to raising awareness for and offering monetary contributions to NYC-based charities, DONT WALK sought to encapsulate the city’s youthful spirit by focusing on the beauty of the arts. Sixteen years later, DW continues to follow that creed.

DONT WALK Music is an unprecedented institution within St Andrews. It intends to function as a creative outlet for all artistic individuals – be they singers, writers, producers, videographers, or others. Folarin Coker, one of DW Music’s chief orchestrators, explains: “The whole idea behind this is bringing a music frontier to DONT WALK in terms of the visual aspect of the show, and encompassing that idea in a music platform.” In layman’s terms, DW Music will be yet another layer to the already fluid DONT WALK Fashion Show.


Applicants will be assessed not just on their talent, but on their mindset. DW Music team member Leo Clayton describes “good music and passion” as being the two primary factors in the decision process. Fellow team member James Peel adds that “if you’re interested and invested in whatever you do, then you meet the criteria.” DW Music is set be a collaboration of the arts, and ultimately it is the desire to create art that places a person apart from the mob.

Once a part of DONT WALK Music, a person will have access to a trove of creativity. Peel presents a scenario in which a DWM filmmaker could make a video, and that video would in turn be scored by a composer within the DWM family. The group will be a harmonious collection of talent, a union that will hopefully culminate in an Extended Play come semester two. The EP will be the swan song of the team selected by Coker, Peel, Clayton and Ferdinand Vermersch, who all DJ under the DONT WALK brand.

Applications will be open from Wednesday to Saturday.



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