Five Things To Do This Week

Have you got your rugby tickets?

1. The Varsity

The oldest varsity rivalry in the world, the historic Edinburgh versus St Andrews match is a highpoint of the year. Tickets being free, there is hardly an excuse not to attend.

2. Springboks Braai

Held regularly at the Balgove Steak Barn, Springboks features South African cuisine at reasonable prices. Tuesday’s Braai will be the only South African dinner this year, so it will not be one to miss.

3. Szentek Launch

No one is entirely sure what it is or who is behind it, but the launch of Szentek is due to be one of the biggest Vic nights in a while. DJ RJay Murphy, known for his monthly appearance at Dont Drop, will be headlining Wednesday’s event.

4. Football Varsity Afterparty

It’s not quite as historic as the Rugby Varsity, but the football boys do know how to throw a good party. On Wednesday, anyone not keen on The Vic can make their way to Club 601 for a night of psychedelic fun.

5. Saints Sixes Afterparty

Yet another Wednesday night bash, the Hockey Club will be occupying The Rule alongside DJ Joe Grimeh. Cheap entry and plenty of beer make even a brief appearance at this afterparty a necessity.



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