Photo: Good Shout St Andrews

RIP Tennent’s

The Union no longer serving Tennent’s after changing brewers.

St Andrews is being dragged against its will from an institution which the people of Scotland adore: The Union no longer serves Tennent’s Lager. This Scottish dietary staple has been replaced by Carling as the Union’s standard pint. 

Students appear to be outraged at this change. Nick Shirley, President of the Tennent’s & Crisps Society, calling the move “a travesty.” He elaborated, “The Union has severed its last link with Scottish heritage.” 

A petition has been launched calling on the Union to reverse their decision. The petition currently has over 200 signatures. 

The Union is a member of the purchasing consortium Northern Services, which allows its members (including the Dundee, Queen Margaret and Glasgow Student Unions) to get a better price on the alcohol they purchase. Northern Services has recently changed supplier, opting for what they believe represents a better deal for us consumers. While the loss of Tennent’s may be a complete travesty, to alter this change would require St Andrews to leave Northern Services and likely face further price increases in alcohol.

Photo: Good Shout St Andrews

This isn’t the only change which has come to the standard taps at the Union main bar. Tennent’s, Caledonian Best, Magners, and Gladeye’s IPA have been dropped and replaced with Carling, Carling Cider, Maclachlan’s Best (ten pence cheaper than Caledonian, but a far inferior pint) and Coor’s Light. More welcome additions are Doom Bar and Blue Moon.

It is difficult to see why the Union and Northern Services would agree to this change. While Tennent’s leaves much to be desired in flavour, we love it nonetheless. Tennent’s tastes like your wallet doesn’t hate you, it tastes like Scotland and it tastes like home because of its ubiquitous availability in all pubs north of Hadrian’s Wall.

This is why Tennent’s Lager will always live up to its name of “Scotland’s Favourite Pint,” and why this is a terrible move on the behalf of The Union.



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