Race2: Hitchhiking in the Name of Charity

The Charities Campaign is heading to Prague.

Every year, hundreds of students make their way from St Andrews to a European destination, utilising all the necessary means to cross the many borders in between. It is easily the most international St Andrews-based charity event; past destinations include Berlin, Munich and Budapest.

Rachel Karnoff, a past participant and this year’s convenor, describes Race2 as “an incredibly unique opportunity that allows a St Andrews student to be adventurous while also raising money for an incredible cause.” She remembers her first year race to Berlin and the friends she made along the way. Few things bond people better than crossing the globe in bright yellow T-shirts, attempting to flag down cars going in the right direction and crashing on a different bed every night. 

Although hitchhiking presents the potential for danger, the Race2 team ensures that safety precautions are taken. To learn more about these precautions – and more about this year’s race – anyone may attend the information session, held today at 7 pm in Club 601. The launch night will be held 10th October, when students may officially sign up for their cross-continent adventure. Over the course of five days in January, approximately 200 students will then start their (or other people’s) engines, the beautiful city of Prague in their sights.



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