Toro Tapas Fills Our Stomachs

Gillian Davies reviews the first Toro Tapas event of the year.

If you were lucky enough to try out the highly anticipated Toro Tapas pop-up restaurant on Friday, you’re probably still raving about the food – as I’m about to.

Walking into the Episcopal Church, guests were greeted with a room lined by fairy lights and filled with an aromas of curries and omelettes that left your mouth watering. Coming on an empty stomach was wise considering the sheer amount of food being made, and it was certainly worth every penny. A brilliant change from the usual black-tie balls or nights at The Union, the Toro Tapas team provided a laid-back atmosphere that catered to a wide variety of attendees.

Everyone was keen for food as they arrived at the very start with drinks in hand, quickly filling the room to capacity. The steady flow of food out from the kitchen had a queue of people coming back for more all evening, whether it was the baked camembert or Japanese meatballs. Low prices allowed diners to purchase even more plates on top of their set tickets, leaving no tapas left untasted, and making sure that everyone had their fill.


The relaxed nature of the event was furthered by the BYOB rule, so guests could have their fill of food, drink whatever they pleased, and either go home to bask in a food coma or proceed on a wild Friday night out. The evening left me with dreams of escaping the cold weather and seeking delicious food from around the world, and Toro Tapas certainly satisfied my cravings for flavourful food that was a far cry from the usual take-aways that comprise my student diet.

If we could make this a weekly occurrence, I’m sure my body and bank account would be pleased. With great food and even better company, Toro Tapas was a massive success. While the crowd continued to grow throughout the night, people were slow to leave, owing to the large amount of food that most were determined to consume.


The late arrivals combined with those smart enough to buy tickets in advance required extra tables and chairs, but the relaxed environment meant that no one seemed to mind the crowd. With such a large turnout, future venues will need to account for the popularity of St Andrews’ newest foodie heaven. When the team is done savouring the success of last week’s dining experience, I hope they start planning their next appearance of the semester!



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