Lumsden Presents Women Who Win

Natasha Franks previews the Lumsden Club’s second Winning Women Conference.

Now entering its fifteenth year, The Lumsden Club continues to support the female community within St Andrews. Despite the University population being predominantly female, women continue to be underrepresented in St Andrews: Only 12% of our professors are women.

Evangeline Tawil, a founder of the Winning Women Conference, recalls attending a recruitment dinner in her second year and feeling shocked at the lack of gender representation. “There were about twenty-eight men and two women participating,” she says. “I knew there were women out there with something to teach, and I wanted to hear from them too.”

She worked with fellow Club members Meggie Gresham and Emma Hallqvist to draft a proposal for the conference. Following a unanimous vote by The Lumsden Club, Winning Women launched in February 2016 to a sold-out crowd, whereupon it was met with unanimous acclaim. Every woman came with a story of success, a promise that anyone can succeed, regardless of gender. The conference is both inspiring and educational in nature, and any student would benefit from the speakers’ knowledge.

This year’s conference will certainly match last year’s in the quality of its speakers. Leila de Vos van Steenwijk (Head of Chinese Art, Christie’s); Olga Loffredi (Chief Operating Officer, Vanto Group); Regina Sullivan (Head of Global Business Operations, Fidelity); and Caroline Cater (Head of Operational Marketing, Coca-Cola) will all impart the wisdom they have accrued from their lengthy careers in business.

The conference intends to be a networking event as much as it is a speaking event. The reception that preceeds the speeches will provide ample opportunity for students to meet the speakers and to learn about their respective industries. Several corporations, such as the Royal Bank of Canada, will be sending recruitment representatives to mingle with the guests. “We want the conference to go beyond just inspiring students,” says Evangeline, “but to also enable them to build their careers.”

Tickets can be purchased through Tilt beginning Tuesday 4th October.



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