Opening Ball: What More Can We Say?

Gillian Davies summarises Opening Ball.

There is nothing quite like start of the black-tie season in St Andrews. Eager freshers buy out full shelves of champagne from Tesco, and no one bats an eye at people casually skating down North Street in tuxedos: You know that Opening Ball has finally arrived.

The Kate Kennedy Club’s Charity Opening Ball never fails to dazzle with elegant marquees and champagne receptions, marking the true start of the social calendar. Every year, the KK puts on an event that serves, for many, as an introduction to black tie balls, and for others a bittersweet last first-ball of the year.

Walking into the transformed Lower College Lawn, guests were greeted by Highland Pipers and complimentary champagne, before entering the massive tent that hosted a large square bar. Guests spent the evening milling around the bar, helping themselves to candy floss, popcorn and Janettas. They could then grab drinks before hitting the dance floor.

Photo: Ampersand Media
Photo: Ampersand Media

The DJ tent to the left of the entrance was filled with guests dancing away to TEA and Asquire, providing a change from the crowded dance floor inside if you were willing to brave the cold. Everyone in attendance was dressed to the nines.

The centralised bar finally solved the age old issue of long queues and slow service, pleasing guests and keeping energy levels high all night long. Opening Ball managed to attract students from all years, creating a massive crowd that was buzzing all night.

Photo: Ampersand Media
Photo: Ampersand Media

The iconic nature of Opening Ball means it doesn’t need a theme. It thrives on the classic traditions and has all of the staples of a St Andrews event. The main marquee was filled to capacity as guests poured onto the dance floor to listen to Joe Grimeh, followed by the live band Hows Harry. The night was rounded out with Visen and Scotty G, who kept music flowing into the wee hours of the morning.

All in all, the Kate Kennedy Club quickly reminded us why we all look forward to their iconic events, as they kicked off the year with a lavish night of drinks, dancing, and a dashing crowd. Continuing to raise the bar, we’ll all be waiting for the grandeur that is May Ball for months to come.



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