The Lumsden Club Celebrates 15 Years of Charity

Natasha Franks previews the Lumsden Club’s upcoming recruitment drinks.

Now approaching its fifteenth anniversary, The Lumsden Club is currently best known for PIMMS: Refilled, the fizzy event that dominated The Rule this past month. More recently, the Club’s second annual Winning Women Conference sold out in twenty-four hours. With recruitment drinks on the horizon, it is worth examining the Club’s history, and looking towards an equally bright future.

An officially registered charity, Lumsden firstly looks for those individuals with a magnanimous spirit. “Even if you’ve never volunteered before,” says Hannah Done, Club President, “this can be the way to start getting involved.” Every member of Lumsden volunteers for one hour a week at a local charity, be it the children’s centre or a charity shop. These physical expressions of aid are the cornerstone of the Club: “We’re a very human-based charity,” continues Hannah. “Even if we’re not giving monetary funds, we still like to keep close ties.”

lumsden 15In addition to volunteering, the Club makes a sizeable donation at the end of every year to their chosen charity, which for the past two years has been Fife Women’s Aid. The donation is the result of the number of charitable events that the Club organises throughout the year, such as PIMMS and Winning Women. Other Lumsden enterprises include a yearly Valentine’s rose delivery service, nights at Ma Bells, and bake sales; however, the Club emphasises its flexible nature. There is no single “classic” Lumsden event, as the girls constantly create new opportunities for themselves.

The recruitment process will mirror this relaxed spirit. At the drinks, girls will have the chance to chat with Club members and sign up for interviews. Last year, 120 girls signed up for this first round. The interview itself matches the approachable atmosphere of the drinks, featuring questions that are intended to highlight personality. “Who would you most like to go to dinner with?” is an example offered by the Club. There is no right or wrong answer to any question; if enthusiasm is shown, then the candidate is considered suitable.

Anya Brochier, Head of PR, says, “Literally anyone who is even slightly interested, show up, because we really want to meet you. Even if you think of yourself as a quiet person, still come. We have so many different girls from around the world, and we’ve all got completely different personalities and goals. But everyone pitches in, and everyone supports each other.”

The recruitment drinks will be held this Thursday at 7:30 pm at the MacDonald Rusacks Hotel. 



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