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FS and DW Partner for the First Time in History

Our two largest charity organisations have united to raffle off VIP tickets for each show.

The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show and the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show have long been considered rivals, both on and off the runway. St Andrews’ two largest fashion shows, they naturally compete for models, designers, sponsors and guests; however, they share a common purpose, one that has drawn them together to aid an inspiring initiative.

On Saturday 29 October, committee members and models from DW and FS will walk the Fife Coastal Path in support of One Million Miles for Ellie. The campaign raises support and awareness for cancer in honour of the eponymous Ellie, a former student at St Andrews. Known for her kindness and her adventurous spirit, Ellie tragically passed away mere weeks after her graduation. Her bucket list included the desire to eradicate cancer, and her mother Michelle has spearheaded this campaign with the hope of one day achieving that goal.

Around the world, people donate money and miles to Ellie’s memory, striving to reach one million miles and one million pounds. On Saturday, DW and FS will take steps to achieve both: In addition to the walk (a collective 1,000 miles), the fashion shows have united to run a raffle in support of the campaign. For £5, anyone can win a pair of VIP tickets to both shows, a combined value of nearly £400.

Looking at the raffle objectively, it is nothing short of an incredible deal. ‘Losers’ will have donated to an incredible charity, while the winner receives two spectacular nights for them and their lucky plus one.

Enter the raffle, support the cause, and maybe win a few tickets along the way.



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