Students untie boat at harbour, locals respond

The perpetrators have since been identified.

Students at this university have a long-standing trait of pressing the locals to their breaking point, from loud music to peeing on round-a- bouts. But it doesn’t stop there.

At 3 am this morning, the group of young people untied the assistant harbour master’s boat. The matters got worse as the boat was then pushed out of the harbour using paddles from another boat.

Although the drunken group of boys may have found this funny at the time, they may not find the consequences as funny, considering the Theft Act of 1968. The owner has decided to deal with the matters his own way, potentially contacting the police and the University.

CCTV footage has helped identify those involved in the act. The post on Facebook had been shared over 40 times with 35 comments of local-student debate. Locals began bringing in further information about the situation: “They were pissed running down my street doing silly things” like “playing music” and “kicking bins”.

Others suggested that locals should not jump to the conclusion that it was students, instead suggesting it could be “caravan folk”.

There was further controversy over what the owner should do about the situation. Some commentators suggested that he should go straight to the police, while others suggested that he “give them a chance to pay for the damage”.

The perpetrators have now been identified, so only time will tell what action has arisen out of the situation. We would like to remind students once again that they are not the only people in this town and we must respect other people’s property, thoughts and feelings.



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