Concrete Catwalk Struts Its Stuff

Gillian Davies reviews Darker Nights, the second anniversary event of Concrete Catwalk.

Tuesday night saw a large crowd of fashionable people crowd the Adamson Bar in anticipation of another impressive night with Concrete Catwalk. The best dressed denizens of St Andrews came out to celebrate in style, donning classic black dresses, new fall boots, stylish scarves and the like as they milled about the venue, complimentary cocktails in hand.

As themed drinks flowed and guests mingled to the tunes of DJ Alasdair Todd, people could be seen trying to find polaroids of themselves featured in the evening’s décor. Excited guests then waited in anticipation for the models to walk the makeshift catwalk, easily the highlight of the evening.

Photo: Concrete Catwalk
Photo: Concrete Catwalk

The bar was cleared and the music changed as the first model climbed atop the bar, resplendent in a long fur coat, ready to strut to the wooing of the crowd. Dancing along to classics such as Sexy Back, the models lined up across the bar and danced to a choreographed dance, furs and all. Guests were boisterous in their support of friends on the catwalk, and the short show was a success as always.

Concrete Catwalk certainly offers a unique and exciting evening for guests that always keeps people wanting more, whether it be cocktails, photo-ops, or hints at the latest fashion trends. Keep your eye out for future events hosted by the lovely committee, and be sure to dress your best if you want to be spotted by a photographer on the street.



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