The Tournament: Prepare for an Un-beer-lievable Night!

Signups are open for the biggest beer fest of the semester.

Drinking games are often relegated to sports socials or particularly exuberant pre-drinks. A deck of cards and a solo cup respectively herald the opening rounds of Ring of Fire and Beer Pong, both slow-paced games that prolong the night’s activities before town is suitably buzzed. On Tuesday 8th November, The Tournament will emerge to transform drinking games into the main event, rather than a house party sideshow.

The Tournament first originated as a Management project; however, the idea evolved alongside the ambitions of its creators. Inspired by St Andrews’ natural love of recreational drinking, the newly-formed committee have curated a trio of fast-paced drinking games that emphasise competition, endurance, and intoxication. Slap Cup, Flip Cup and Boat Races are often overlooked in the great drinking game lexicon, disregarded in favour of a leisurely round of beer pong. The Tournament prefers a quicker brand of game; teams will arrive and immediately put their complimentary pitchers of beer to good use.

Although the £12 ticket price may appear steep at first glance, it is worth observing that this down payment essentially covers alcohol costs for the entire night. Every team is guaranteed six pitchers of beer, which will then be divided amongst the four players. The winners can then expect a suitably boozy prize at the finish line.

The highly charged atmosphere will be further aggrandised by the American presidential election, which will be shown on every one of the The Rule’s many television screens. After consuming their beer (or cider), losing teams may congregate on the balcony to oversee the competition, all the while surrounded by the cacophony of the American political system.

The Tournament differentiates itself, easily, from any other event previously held at The Rule. It provides a group of friends with the opportunity to socialise, to support each other, and to drink endless amounts of alcohol. Anyone who fancies a unique night out for an impressively low price is encouraged to enter The Tournament in its inaugural year! 



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